Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Look up! Manna comes from Heaven

Each of the forty devotions in Getting Out of Bed in the Morning end with a section called When You Walk. I encourage my readers to walk because of the many benefits walking holds, but even if you don't, you can practice the art of looking up to receive blessings.

"Look up! Manna comes from Heaven, not by your scouring the ground for leftover crumbs. Keep your head up! Be encouraged!

Fill your mind with the characteristics of God. In the psalms He is known as my rock (Ps. 28), my light and my salvation (Ps. 27), my shepherd (Ps. 23), and my strength,
my fortress, and my deliverer, as well as my shield and the horn of my salvation (Ps. 18).

Make a list of these and other references to the character of God. Read and recall them each day."
~ From Getting Out of Bed in the Morning, chapter 15